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    Think Like a Queen


    Based on the book: Think Like a Queen to be Married to a King, Dr. Angel Crites illuminates the nuances of being married to someone in a leadership position. This conference is perfect for both men and women, single and married as it addresses questions pertaining to choosing the correct spouse for you, correcting your perspective to prepare yourself for a marriage to leadership, conflict resolution, intimacy, and much more.

    “Thank you for writing Think Like a Queen to be Married to a King. I can relate and it also ministered to me. I know so many women need to hear your story!” V.B. – Cape Coral, FL

    How to Write a Book


    A book can go where you can’t go. A book can stay where you can’t stay. Every person has a book on the inside of them, everyone has something important to share. Dr. Angel Crites has helped hundreds of students become authors through her 10 step process of writing and publishing a book. Whether you are writing a book for the masses or for your future generations, this program will inspire you to complete your first work from beginning to end.

    “I had no idea that writing a book could be this simple. I can’t stop at just one.” C.F. -Jacksonville, FL

    “I could kick myself for not doing this sooner. It’s a great income stream and I love that my words have helped others!” R.B. -San Antonio, TX

    “Dr. Crites was extremely professional, interesting, and informative. I took three pages of notes and I NEVER take notes!” M.C. – Columbus, OH

    The Power of Purpose

    Intensive Course

    Your purpose is not your decision, it’s your discovery. Based on Dr. Paul Crites best selling book, Discovering the Power of Purpose, this powerful teaching will transform your thinking from performance based living to purposeful fulfillment. Using four questions, you will be able to determine what you have all along yearned to discover: the reason you are on the planet!

    “Incredible teaching! So glad I attended. I wish I had heard this sooner in life.” J.M. – Nashville, TN

    “I’ve always wondered why I was miserable in every job I had. This book helped me find my purpose and I found a job where I can stay in my purpose. Now I don’t hate going to work.” L.D. – Franklin, TN

    “I’m bringing my teen grandchildren to this conference next time. Life changing!” M.P. – Palatka, FL

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