Money Matters – E6 – eBook

The Truth about Money that No One is Telling You The search is over to unlock the knowledge, understanding and financial rewards in life. In this powerful book, Dr. Paul

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The Man Book – E9 – eBook

“Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of choice” —Edwin Cole Louis Dr. Paul Crites unlocks the wisdom secrets every man must possess for

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The Apostles Have Landed – E13 – eBook

The word “Apostle” comes from the Greek military for Admiral. When the Greeks conquered new territories they sent an Apostle leading ships with Greek citizens to be a catalyst in

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Discovering the Power of Purpose – E1 – eBook

Paul Crites’ best selling book has touched thousands. You will discover your purpose by asking four key questions in the very first chapter and you will unlock the secrets of

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The Law of the Seed – E11 – eBook

Unlock the Universal Secret that will completely transform your friendships, finances, and future. Author, speaker, and leader, Dr. Paul Crites reveals how this secret works and your strategy for success:

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Seasons and Sons – E10 – eBook

In his latest book, Dr. Paul Crites shares Biblical insights and understanding for the new season of sons that is reforming the old paradigm of ministry and leadership in the

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10 Golden Keys – E5 – eBook

How to Unlock Doors in Difficult Times We all face difficult times. Sometimes are difficult days can show up emotionally or relational. When we least expect it difficult times show

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21 Things Every Leader Need To Know – E3 – eBook

Believing that leadership is the problem and leadership is the answer. Dr. Paul Crites delivers pragmatic and instructional insights aimed at emerging and established leadership.   *NOTE: This eBook is

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