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This highly acclaimed book enlightens you to 15 powerful principles that will rewire your thinking. You will discover:

  • Access Initiates Success
  • Weapon of Wealth
  • Attacks, Battles, Conflicts
  • Value Your Visibility
  • A Wise Leader

And Much More.

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3 reviews for Rewired – B8

  1. Inglish Morgan-Gardner, Ph.D.

    This book will cause you to shift your thinking and your approach to life-changing decisions. You cant change your circumstances until you change your mind! Learn how. Get this book!

  2. Tobey M Taylor

    The book “Rewired” authored by Dr. Paul Crites is an outstanding composition of ways to reevaluate, refocus, realign, and redefine your Life, utilizing key concepts and Wisdom principles. This book teaches ways to apply those principles and concepts to redirect your Life from everyday trials and tribulations, to a meaningful Life of faith, healing and hope. A life that has moral compass, fortitude, stability and Restoration as well as Prosperity. I would recommend this book for Everyone to read, reflect and to reference, for your Life, for friends, family, clergy, ministries, educators and everyone you know. This book will also enhance the lives of those that imagine their lives to be Exactly where they want and have worked hard to achieve. Whether you need to be totally “Rewired”, or somewhat “Rewired”, this is definitely the book that you need to read.

  3. Brianelle Cartwright

    After having read just the introduction, I was eager to read more. This book as shifted my focus especially in the area of a daily routine. It is important to have a schedule and to be able to focus on a daily routine.
    “Anything unscheduled is viewed as unproductive.” This book is a must have and even a child could understand it. Buy it for yourself, a love one or even as a gift. This book is filled with many life lessons and wisdom principles that we all can glean from. I guarantee you that if you follow the wisdom principles you will see a turn around in your life.

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